Our Services Before Sales


Our customerre presentative welcomes our guests from the point they are on the day and time we plan, and we implement them with in the frame work of the program we have prepared.

The Maxxproperty Real Estate Agency is proud to accompany you dear client at the specified time from the airport to yourplace of residence and from the reback to the airport and will also show you all the items you need according to Schedule.


Thanks to our knowledge and experience in the real estate industry, we serve our guests who want to invest in our region with our wide portfolio. We offer investment vehicles such as villas, apartments, residences, land, fields and hotels to our guests at the right place and time.

What a good investment is? To buy cheaper and sell at a higher price. Exactly the same rule applies to the real estate market in Alanya – of course under certain conditions. If you invest in properties you probably know that the main factor affecting the apartment’s price is its location. What does this mean in Alanya? What is a perfect location? Is an apartment on the ground or top floor worth purchasing? If not, then in which situation and why? What to pay attention to when considering the building and finishing materials used in the apartment? Which properties are rented out easily, and which stay vacant for months and why? Which developers are efficient and their situation is stable? Does cheap really mean economical? How to buy to avoid problems? What does the investment process look like and what to pay attention to? Is it true that not all that glitters is gold on the real estate market? If you are thinking of investing in the region of Alanya seriously, ask for a professionals’ advice, Maxxproperty is here to help you.


In line with the requests of our guests, we determine the apartments that meet the criteria that we are looking for and plan the future day and direct our customer representative to take care of our customer that day. We place our guests who are scratching from the airport to the hotel we have booked before, and then we provide visual experience by informing the apartments we have determined in line with the program we have arranged in terms of both location and materials. We determine the value of the flats in the region in terms of age and the materials used, and we provide our guests with the right flats at the right prices.

Here are some services which Maxxproperty is ready to give

• Organizing the accommodation in Alanya
• Organizing the transfer: airport – hotel – airport
• Organizing the viewing of the chosen properties
• Representing the customers during the negotiations with the owner of the property
• Checking the status of the property
• Preparing essential applications, among others, to the Department of Ground and Buildings Registration
• Translations form Turkish to English, russian and persian
• Help with registering at the tax office
• Preparation of the schedule of payment.
• Help with registering the electricity and water meters
• Help with insuring the property


We investigate whether the real estate has a problem with the municipality, the finance, the bank or any institution, and if there is, we solve any problem. We offer the building inspection, occupancy and building use license of the building to our guests. We are definitely not interested in structures with housing problems.

The real estate agency is fully prepared to serve you on the following issues
• Help with registering at the tax office
• Help with opening the bank account
• Preparation of the calculation of costs associated with the transaction
• Preparation of the schedule of payment.
• Checking the status of the property
• Checking if the property isn’t situated within where foreigners aren’t allowed to purchase properties
• Preparing essential applications, among others, to the Department of Ground and Buildings Registration and the Military Office of Building Control.


After identifying the apartment they want our guests to get the citizens of Turkey taking the photo copy of identity card and two’re starting to processes for transfer of title. If they are not a citizen of Turkey is primarily taking photo after passport number and cost of tax would apply to the two land registry offices.